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Minnesota criminal defense attorney Wanda Gierman focuses her practice on criminal defense cases. Ms. Gierman believes every client deserves someone looking after their interests.

Ms. Gierman’s primary office is located in St. Cloud. With her arsenal of resources, she will aggressively defend misdemeanor and felony cases across Minnesota, including DWI/DUI, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Drug, Theft and Assault Cases. The consequences of a conviction can have life long personal and professional repercussions. Ms. Gierman will fight for your future and help you obtain the best result for your case. Reach out to Ms. Gierman for a free case consultation.

Experience Matters

Attorney Wanda Gierman has over a decade of legal experience, serving as assistant public defender for ten years prior to starting her private practice. She has tried and negotiated thousands of cases over her career, earning her a strong reputation in the legal community for her legal knowledge, litigation skills and professional ethics. Ms. Gierman prides herself in getting to know each of her clients and being easily accessible during this difficult time.

Child Protection Cases

Ms. Gierman has extensive experience dealing with the Juvenile Courts. She is on the Minnesota Supreme Court roster of attorneys qualified to handle child protection cases and supervises other attorneys. She helps families during difficult situations. She represents cases of juvenile delinquency, transfer of custody, termination of parental rights and child in need of protective services.

Cases We Represent

The days of the general practitioner, the attorney who handles all types of legal matters, are over. Ms. Gierman has dedicated her career to criminal court where she has experienced the intricacies of the system. Ms. Gierman’s firm represents clients dealing with the following types of legal matters:





Time is crucial to protecting your rights.

An experienced attorney will come up with legal strategies to win your case. In some situations, the prosecutor’s office can be persuaded to drop all charges before the case is even filed. 

We Fight For You

You are innocent until proven guilty, but it often feels just the opposite when you are charged with a crime. Cases are treated as black and white, when in reality there is lots of gray. Wanda excels at representing your side and fighting for you.

We are your Advocate

Together we review your case and create a plan on how we will achieve a positive outcome.

We Care

Facing criminal charges is frightening. In addition to proving legal advice and fighting in court, we are here for you, to answer all your questions and discuss your fears and concerns.

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