Minnesota Sexual Assault Defense

Sexual assault allegations are life changing and extremely serious. Individuals convicted of sexual assault face a harsh reality of social isolation, years of intensive supervision, difficulty finding employment and housing and a lengthy prison sentence.

Wanda Gierman has handled all types of sexual assault cases over her career and understands the importance of investigating a case from the outset. Many sexual assault allegations can destroy a person’s reputation, well before a conviction. Ms. Gierman aggressively investigates these types of cases, utilizing her team of private investigators, DNA analysts and other expert witnesses to provide you with the best possible defense. In addition to defending her client in court, she advises her client and their families throughout the entire process. Facing sexual assault charged is terrifying and Ms. Gierman makes herself available around the clock to answer all questions, constantly evaluating your options.

Your attorney who defends you against these charges must be tough and analyze these cases as if they were going to trial. Often, the facts are disputed and the penalties are so severe, these cases can proceed to a trial.

When Allegations Are False

Every human being deserves to have their side of the story told and have a competent attorney providing legal advice and advocating for you. People may judge when they hear someone is charged with a sex crime. They don’t understand that one consensual sexual encounter where the other party decides to make up allegations or misstate or exaggerate facts, can lead to extremely serious charges. Facing multiple years in prison means the case must be handled correctly from the start by an attorney who has experience dealing with sex cases. Not all attorneys want to or are equipped to have someone’s life in their hands. Ms. Gierman has handled numerous sex assault cases over her career and has obtained many successful outcomes. She has won sex assault cases where her client walks out the courthouse, free.


When Our Client Has Admitted to the Crime

We have clients who take responsibility for their actions and admit to police officers about their involvement in the offense. We read through the police reports and discuss the case with our client to see what involvement they had and if their confession was in fact true. If our client did commit the offense, our goal is to minimize the length and severity of the repercussions. We work to get this individual in treatment so they can successfully complete their sentence without re-offending. We push for probation and help them get an evaluation by a licensed therapist whose recommendations can help attain our goals.


Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes occur when an individual is accused of exploiting a child. These alleged crimes can occur over a computer network, telephone network, data network, text or instant message. When these crimes are prosecuted, the police typically have a transcript of the chat. We review these transcripts and any evidence the district attorney’s office has collected. Each case is different. We have access to the best computer experts to review the police work and testify in your case. If you are charged with a internet sex crime and need a Minnesota sex crimes attorney contact Gierman Law for a free case evaluation.

We look forward to representing you