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Wanda Gierman Represents As Saint Cloud Defense Attorney and Child Protection Attorney

 St Cloud, MN — (SBWIRE) — 03/23/2016 — Gierman law firm offers legal assistance to clients in all sorts of legal issues. Wanda Gierman is an attorney in St. Cloud with an impressive track record in the field of child protection, domestic violence, theft, drug abuse, sexual assault and DWI/DUI

Ms. Wanda Gierman has a strong reputation and is well-known for professional ethics and legal knowledge. Ms. Gierman defends all crimes from misdemeanors to felonies as well as represents parents in child protection cases.According to the website, “Child in need of protective services or (CHIPS) are cases handled by juvenile court. These cases typically originate when social services becomes involved with families due to allegations of child neglect, abuse or truancy. Social services, or in some cases a private party, files a petition which begins the case. If an individual is charged with a criminal case involving child endangerment, social services is notified and may open an investigation. Once social services are contacted and open a case, they are required to investigate to determine if the allegations are true.

The child may be removed from the home during the investigation and placed in the care of a relative or in a foster home. Social services give the family a case plan that must be completed in order for the child to be returned home. These cases are stressful for both the parents and children. It is important to have an experienced legal adviser advocating for you and your child.”

Ms. Wanda Gierman is a reputed St. Cloud Child Protection Attorney with over a decade of practice. Juvenile cases are supervised and handled by Ms. Gierman. To know more about St. Cloud Child Protection Attorney, please log on to:

About Ms. Wanda Gierman
Ms. Wanda Gierman is an attorney with Gierman Law at St. Cloud, Stearns County. She is an aggressive attorney who handles drug crimes, child abuse, felonies, misdemeanors, theft and domestic violence with professionalism.

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