Minnesota’s Super Bowl DWI Crackdown

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Minnesota’s Super Bowl DWI Crackdown

Law enforcement enhancement is already upon us for Minneapolis’ once in a lifetime opportunity to host the Super Bowl.

From the hype of the game, to the celebrities that will be attending, to one of the most popular drinking days in America, Minneapolis is ready to crackdown. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come to Minneapolis today through February fourth. Police Chief Medaria Arradondo knows this, which is why the National Guard has been called in to aid with law enforcement. Minneapolis is one of the largest cities in the Midwest, yet according to Chief Arradondo the space downtown is going to shrink immensely from now until February fourth.

A person can only imagine the number of potential DWI’s that could take place with so many people and the numbers of law enforcement. Preventing a DWI is simple. Uber, Lyft, plan a ride, get a hotel downtown if you can, but whatever you decide to do, do not drive. Law enforcement will emphasize cracking down on drunk drivers. In fact, the day of the Super Bowl is the second highest arrest rate for DWI’s in Minnesota….and that is without Minneapolis physically hosting the big game.

Listed below are Minnesota’s current DWI Laws and Penalty’s for those of you who still think you’ll get away with drinking and driving. In the unfortunate circumstance you are arrested for a DWI, contact a DWI attorney at Gierman Law.

Super Bowl’s May Come And Go, But Minnesota DWI Laws Stay Forever

1st Degree DWI: A person’s fourth or subsequent DWI is a felony and carries up to seven years in prison, a fine of up to $14,000 and mandatory penalties.

2nd Degree DWI: This is a gross misdemeanor and carries up to one-year jail time and $3,000 fines. It is a DWI plus two or more aggravating factors, such as a test refusal or prior.

3rd Degree DWI: This is also a gross misdemeanor. It is a DWI plus one aggravating factor and carries p to one-year jail time and $3,000 fine.

4th Degree DWI: This is a misdemeanor with maximum jail time of 90 days and a fine of $1,000. This is the standard, first time DWI case with no aggravating factors.

St. Cloud DWI Attorney

DWI’s are a confusing and complex process that occurs in both criminal court and civil court. We are here to help you with this process. In DWI cases, time is extremely important, contact Wanda Gierman at 763-442-3433 for your free case analysis.

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