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 Minnesota enacted the Tedd Foss Move Over Law due to the unfortunate event that killed a State Patrol Trooper in 2000 off the shoulder of I-90 in Winona. The Move Over Law for the last 18 years attempted to protect emergency vehicles with flashing lights such as: Ambulance, fire, law enforcement, maintenance, construction vehicles and tow trucks. The law required drivers on four-lane roads to reduce speeds and move one full lane over. If a vehicle does not move a lane over then fines could be imposed exceeding $100. That is more than the common mandatory minimum $80 fine in construction zones when people are caught speeding.

However, according to an Xcel Energy lineman Mr. Schmidt, the Move Over Law must be expanded. The most dangerous part of his job is not dealing with dangerous levels of electricity, but it is the people driving their vehicles over construction cones without even knowing it. As vehicles become faster, and easier to drive, so does the danger to lineman workers along roads smaller than four-lanes. Beginning today, Wednesday, August 8, 2018, the Move Over Law will require all vehicles driving on two-lane roads to move one full lane over and reduce speed. If any driver is unable to move over then the driver is required to slow down until he can fully pass the stopped vehicle.

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