Valentine’s Day Represents Lov…Violence?

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Did you know that February 14 isn’t a day just about love, but is also about violence?

The One Billion Rising movement occurs on February 14. The goal of the movement is to bring an end to all forms of violence against women. One in three women experience domestic violence. As for the men? One in four experience domestic violence. Domestic Violence surrounds itself by one core principle and that is power. The power to control a person. The good news about Valentine’s Day is that recent studies have shown there to be a tiny dip in domestic violence reports on this day. One of three days out of the whole year where domestic violence reports take a dip…

It makes a lot of sense why a movement to end all forms of violence against women is on Valentine’s Day. We celebrate love, joy, and a positive future with our significant others on this day. However, we should also acknowledge those who are trapped in a relationship with no love, no joy, and only the hope for a future of escape.

Let us be actively listening for signs of domestic abuse as it is very real in our world.

Penalty – First domestic assault is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days jail and $1,000 fine. Any prior domestic convictions and the level of punishment increases.

Domestic violence is taken seriously across Minnesota. These cases often arise when a couple argues, and things escalate. When police arrive, it’s possible that one upset individual may exaggerate the events that occurred. In other instances, people may claim abuse out of retaliation or during divorce and custody disputes. It is important that you or your loved one has experienced representation because domestic violence convictions can carry life-long repercussions.

Wanda Gierman fights domestic violence allegations.

Wanda Gierman is intimately familiar with the prosecuting attorney’s office and how they handle domestic violence cases. Wanda knows the best way to resolve these cases to avoid a permanent conviction. Put her experience on your side and reach out for a free domestic violence case analysis.

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