Spring Break: Rest, Resting, Arrested.

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Rest: How most spring breakers prepare for their week-long spring break party. Experienced spring breakers know they are not going to get rest. You can’t waste hours away sleeping on a trip with college friends because, so few people get to experience such a trip. You rest early, hydrate often, and prepare early to make it through the grueling week.

Resting: 5am to 10am…the time in which most spring breakers enjoy resting for a few hours. These few hours prepare them for another day in the hot sun with their burnt skin and massive hangovers. The amount of time spent resting dwindles away as each day of spring break passes. The reality of going back to a normal life is settling in as there are only a few days of spring break left. The post-vacation depression is already beginning to hit because you can see the week-long college party is going to end soon. So, what happens the last few days of spring break as reality hits and resting hours disappear?

Arrested: After days of partying in the hot sun people tend to become agitated easily. They’re dehydrated, hungover as ever, and yet there are a few days left of their spring break vacation. Some people know how long the journey to a successful spring break can be. However, some must know themselves too well because local news reports in 2017 from spring break destinations stated some spring breakers call the police station ahead of time to ask, “what’s the fine for public intoxication,” and “can I bond out easily?”

Public intoxication isn’t the only thing spring breakers should worry about. They should worry about the zero-tolerance policy most law enforcement agencies enforce for the spring break period. Besides public intoxication, other charges such as disorderly conduct, drug charges, DWI, and even assault are all commonly cited during spring break. So, as a spring break student, go on to enjoy every minute of spring break and simply use common sense and you’ll come back on your return flight.

St. Cloud State University Penalties:

When an individual is facing criminal charges, the University is made aware and can conduct their own internal student conduct investigation. Students can face a variety of sanctions, including community service, being suspended for an entire semester, or even being expelled in more serious cases. The University may not wait until the criminal case resolves, which means it is important to present evidence and testimony to the hearing officer. So, don’t wait to hire an experienced attorney. Wanda Gierman will advise students and their families throughout this period and help with the judicial affairs hearing.

Spring Break Advice:

Live up your spring break with your best college friends; but remember why you have the opportunity to experience a spring break. It’s because you’re a college student. An investment you’ve made in yourself for your future. Protect it and be smart.

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